Sunday, May 13, 2007

Trip to Loew's lake

Took a trip in mid-May to a small, secluded lake just a few miles outside Milwaukee. Dennis Klingman (next door neighbor and fellow canoe-builder) guided us there. We paddled for about an hour up a slow-moving meandering river and came out onto a beautiful 30 acre lake in the middle of the State Forest. Jared and Dennis tried their luck at fishing and we saw a lot of wildlife. There were geese nesting along the river, snapping turtles hiding in the reeds and hawks overhead.

Jared Tyson brought along his family in their beautiful canoe. Their son Sam is sitting in Leslie's lap, their daughter Ella is sleeping in the shade behind the seat and their dog was doing the same.

Dennis and I both built small, one-man canoes. Both were built off plans by Mac Macarthy. We both get a lot of use out of them, mostly because they're so easy to handle (approx. 25 lbs) and paddle in shallow water.

First Blog Post Ever

Ever slow to catch up with the parade of technology, we're finally getting around to using the internet for all it's worth. Since this if the first time any of you will be reading about us on this blog, a little recap of our recent life is in order. Molly gave birth to a set of beautiful twins six weeks ago on March 28th. Because of the demands of a twin pregnancy, a freshly minted 2-year-old and Mike busy traveling for residency interviews, Molly and Quinn have spent the last few (over six!) months in the capable care of her parents in Logan, UT. Mike was able to come back and forth and spent March and April there. The birth of two healthy and thriving twins was a welcome blessing. While Mike has been scouting out a house, Molly, Quinn, Max and Mae have been preparing to fly out to Milwaukee this Wednesday with Mike's parents. Mike is set to graduate from the Medical College of Wisconsin this Friday, complete with velvet cap and striped gown and Hippocratic oaths. With that, we pack up and move to our new home in Rochester, Minnesota where Mike will start a residency in pediatrics at the Mayo clinic, Molly will have free reign of our very first house (we're especially looking forward to a dishwasher), Quinn will have a yard all his own and the twins will have their own bedroom. We're looking forward to this new chapter in life.