Friday, April 30, 2010


Check out Mike's "devil"ed eggs.

You are too cool Honey!
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Thursday, April 29, 2010

The kindest and best of men........

Someone I love very much just turned 60.

We hopped in the van and drove 20 hours to surprise Dad on his birthday.

The next 2 1/2 weeks flew by. Time with dear Gran & Pa, hilarious Aunts and Uncles, darling cousins (contended sigh) was a great trip.

Dad, 60 looks great on you. Your heart grows bigger every year. I think you are really something special.

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Monday, April 5, 2010

Recent Happenings

Mike & I threw Quinn a birthday party. It happened on March 22nd, in the a.m., and the theme was "vehicles". This was the first birthday party we've ever done (I took a migraine pill the night before just as a precautionary). I think the 11 kids (plus Mom & Dad) had a "wheel-y" good time.
Here you see the spectacular cake Mike made Quinn. Complete with rocks, pebbles and potholes, this cake was as tasty to eat as it was fantastic to look at.

The Twins celebrated their 3rd birthday on March 28th.
What a pair of cuties.
I adore age 3.

Mike had Friday off (hip hip hooray!) so we spent the day at the Children's Museum in St. Paul.

Our favorite galleries were; Earth World & Habitot. At Earth World, the kids scrambled through an anthill to find the queen ant and played make-believe wearing beaver, ant and turtle costumes. Habitot, was the place where Max & Mae (and too-big Quinn) enjoyed exploring Minnesota's "habitots"; prairie, cave, pond and forest. There were fabric flowers for plucking; mirrors for gazing; buttons for pushing; and peek-a-boo holes for exploring.

The special exhibit; Dinosaurs, Land of Fire and Ice was neat. We have an awesome CD at home called Here Comes Science (the group: They Might Be Giants) on which one track is called, I Am A Paleontologist. The kids LOVE this song so to see a life-size edmontosaurus was truly a treat.

Life is good in Minnesota. We had a wonderful Easter weekend. With the sweet knowledge of Christ's resurrection in our home, delicious holiday food and time spent with dear friends, our Easter holiday was a special one.
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