Sunday, June 10, 2007

Pictures from Graduation

Mike and Molly just after the Medical College of Wisconsin graduation at the Milwaukee Theater.

The people who made the graduation possible.

We all took a day and went to the Milwaukee Zoo before moving to Rochester. Quinn couldn't get enough of the fish.

And, he couldn't get enough of the zoo train. He's talked about it ever since.


We've officially become Minnesotans and made the move to Rochester. Mike's mom and dad flew out to graduation two weeks ago in Milwaukee with Molly, Quinn and the twins and were a great help in packing up our two bedroom apartment and getting us on our way. Dad came along and drove the Echo with Molly and the kids while Mike drove the truck. We had some great help from members of our new ward and are gradually working our way through the remaining boxes. Our new home (our first house!) is on a shady street that dead-ends on a park and playground, is a five minute walk from a nearby river and bike trail and the grocery store. We're spoiled to be so close to so many good things. Quinn loves watching the squirrels climb the trees and he's always asking to go play at the 'pork'. Mike has been taking quick trips to the grocery store by way of the bike path and even had a little time to take his canoe out on the river a few days ago, bringing it back with a few new scratches. Molly loves having a house to ourselves with counter space in the kitchen and a dedicated laundry room. So far we've found the farmer's market, a few great playgrounds for Quinn, some great friends in the ward and the local library. We're sure there are many more things to discover here in Rochester.