Sunday, January 27, 2008


We hosted a baby shower for one of Mike's co-workers this weekend. It was so much fun! I was stressed the morning of that the house wasn't clean enough, the punch bowl ladle wasn't pretty enough and the front closet wasn't tidy enough to store everyone's winter coats, but when the time came, I relaxed and we had a great afternoon. There are 10 new pediatrics residents every year, and the other 9 in Mike's class are really amazing people. I always enjoy my time with them and they are so cute with my children. Well, duh! They're pediatricians!!
It was really fun to celebrate with Chris & Stephanie. We wish you the best of luck during your last 6 weeks!!

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Many Pictures.......all at once!

KIDS, Glorious Kids!
Quinn is such a darling with his little brother and sister. He's very fair. If he says "hi" to Mae, he makes sure to crawl over to Max and give him a nuzzle too. The twins love it when Quinn's obnoxious. Oh, they think it's so funny. Max & Mae could listen to Quinn's babble all day long. Often he's busy being a 2 1/2 year old and doesn't pay them much mind, but every once in a while he remembers they're around and he crawls after them, talks to them, sings and dances for them. Watching the twins response, you'd think their hero was in the room. This is what I hoped having kids (siblings for one another, playmates) would feel like.

We made cookies for baby Jesus's birthday. Quinn figured, if Christmas was about celebrating a birthday, we'd better have treats. Quinn and I had a really fun time making the cookies and talking about Jesus.

Mike and Quinn wrestling in the basement.
They have so much fun together. Mike, and Mini-Mike!

Seriously, how cute is this apron??!!

My dear friend made me this apron for Christmas this year. I LOVE IT! Thank you, Lindsay, for making me feel glamorous while stirring my oatmeal!

Here is Mae, getting into things! She loves to be in the action. She drags her 9 month-old self around, not truly crawling on hands & knees but going places none-the-less, and finds yummy things to chew on. Loaves of bread, drapes, the side of the couch, old crusty cheerios (at least, I hope they're cheerios). She is a hoot and smiles all the time.

My life is full of sweet moments. It's full of frustrating, crying moments as well, but what floats to the top at the end of a full day are the tender moments with my little ones. They won't be small for long. I love them and thank the Lord for this chance to raise His precious children.