Thursday, March 26, 2009

Some sweet shots

And now, a few cute photos of the kids, snapped by my Mom during her week long stay in MN earlier this month. Mom flew to Rochester on Quinn's birthday (March 9th, yeah I haven't blogged about that yet, shame on me) and stayed for 8 glorious days. She bought a new digital camera while here, and WOW! the clarity! Her pics are tons better than the ones taken with our old, but loved, digital.

Max & Mae sporting dress-ups for Gran.

Gran whipped out some new headbands for Mae during her visit. Cute, cute, cute work Mom!! And cute, cute, cute little Mae!

Max, playing with the little ducky that was stuck in Quinn's birthday cake.
Eat him with a spoon! Cute!

Quinn, cheesin' for the camera. What a cute, goofy 4-year-old!

Mom, Mike and I ganged up on the kids after church, sat them on a bench and started snapping pictures. Mom got this cute one, I love it! I could look at it all day, but I'm the Mama....

Us, relaxing. I like reading children's books as much as my children do. There are so many fun books out there, so clever, so colorful, so creative.

Thanks for the great snapshots, Mom! It was magic having you in my home.

Sunday, March 1, 2009