Friday, March 12, 2010

The Big Day: March 9th

He's 5!

Quinn was crazy-excited about opening his birthday gifts. I mean, like no one I've ever seen before...SO excited.

Quinn has a serious sweet tooth. His birthday meals consisted of; Chocolate Marshmallow Mateys for breakfast, Twinkies for lunch, Chocolate marble cake with chocoate frosting for dinner, and his own bag of jelly beans for snacking throughout the day. This face is a classic Quinn face. He's such a cute, goofy kid!

We all had a great time celebrating Quinn last Tuesday. He LOVED being in the spotlight and having all the attention on him. Max & Mae are looking forward to their turn at the end of this month.

Side note--at the beginning of March, Mike built a snow cave in our backyard. He made this mound of snow by climbing on our roof and shoveling all the rooftop snow into a big pile just off our deck. Mike looked at me when it was done and said, "It's big enough for us to sleep in.". Had I given him any encouragement, I'm sure our family of five would have been sleeping Eskimo-style that very night. Luckily, I was able to maintain a dignified silence. :)

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