Friday, April 18, 2008

Look at Us!

OooooooOoo, Big KiD Car SEAts!
Bu-bye infant seats (we are almost 13 months and 21 and 23 pounds after all!!)!
Rub-a-Dub-dub.....Three little kids in a tub!
Warning: Do not try this at home. Three little people in the tub can only happen when there are multiple adults around to grab slippery bodies from the water, while making sure the other little bodies stay upright. Tricky. Very tricky, indeed.
The night this photo was taken, I needed a break from motherhood. Mike put the kids in the tub while I turned up the radio and cleaned the kitchen w/o any little hands grabbing my legs or little voices calling for me. I thought they'd last maybe 10 minutes, all three of them, in the tub. After 1/2 an hour, I went to check on them! Mike had the kids blowing into water pipes making amazing music, Mike, himself, was blowing bubbles while beating on an H2O drum and all were attempting the puzzle-shape animals you see in the background (some were just chewing on the shapes, but all were involved). In the end, fun for the kids & Daddy, relief for the Ma and a clean kitchen. A well spent evening.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Sittin' Pretty

I HAD to post something new so that every time anyone visited the blog they weren't assaulted with that gigantic picture of me pregnant with the twins. What was I thinking, posting that for all the world to see?? Shudder.

Easter afternoon.
First it went like this.....

(Mae totally steals the show in this pic)
Then like this.....
Add Quinn and a few tears......
Exit Mae, boys are getting rowdy....
Max triumphs!
We have 9am church, so these pictures were taken at about 1pm when everyone was done for the day and ready to nap. We enjoyed Easter dinner (after the much-needed naps) with some friends, Leo & Victoria. Leo is a peds resident with Mike. I had a great time visiting and relaxing with them and their 2 girls. Holidays don't feel like holidays unless you get together with family or friends.
The Easter bunny finally made it to our house Monday afternoon during Quinn's nap. I'm glad he decided to come because I was having a hard time staying away from those starburst jelly beans! We didn't dye eggs this year, which meant one very sad thing----no deviled eggs! Quinn is so expressive and excitable, he loved hunting for his Easter basket and finding the plastic eggs hidden around the house.