Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Hey Slow Blogger! Yep, that's me....

The past:
Quinn and Hootz!!

The awesome Auntie Hil made it possible for Quinn to race the mascot of the Orem Owlz minor league baseball team last month. I loved Quinn's response when Auntie Hilary called to ask him if he wanted to race a giant owl. Quinn paused, raised his shoulders, softly giggled then said quietly, "Sure.". I burst out laughing. The Q was really excited and really nervous to go toe to toe with Hootz. I'm sure you can guess who won.....Quinn was one happy 5 year old!

While Quinn was sweating bullets rounding the bases, the rest of us looked like this. Surrounded by family, a little popcorn, some flashy sunglasses......
we're livin' it up in Utah. :)

Here they are, making hooting sounds. Quinn is holding/wearing the spoils of his win---a mini stuffed Orem Owl, a snazzy baseball that Auntie Hil gave him after she threw the opening pitch (she is such a celebrity, love it!), and a big black baseball hat that says Longballing on the front. Oh, what a night.

Even Past-er:

Over the 4th of July we went camping and rafting with Mike's family up in Montana.

Quinn found Uncle Kirk's mountain board and was in heaven, cruising around the campsite.

Mae, Pace and Paige are enjoying Grandma's hot scones for breakfast. Mae is super chill when she camps. She had a blast.

It was such a treat to hang out with Mike's siblings and parents. We ate well, slept well, and had a ball doing things we haven't done in years
(Mike used to talk about going camping during his residency......).

Here, Mike and Quinn (and a bunch of cousins and aunts & uncles) are headed out onto the Clark Fork River. The scenery was amazing, even if it was chilly, chilly for the first of July.

I love Mae's little bed head and sleepy face. Children love sleeping in a tent. Mike & I were making dreams come true that weekend.

Like I said, beautiful, beautiful country. The kids were set on swimming....when this pic was snapped, I was sitting on a rock with my fleece zipped up to my chin wishing I had some hot chocolate in hand! Kids are so incredible.

Well folks, there is more to be said. Much more. But I'm callin' it a night. Thanks to all who are checking in on us via blog. Life is rich here in UT!

Saturday, July 10, 2010


Here's Quinn, perched in our old tree. Yes, our old tree, in the front yard of our old house in our old town of Rochester, MN.

We've moved from our dear home, our dear neighborhood and our dear friends.

Life is good here in Salt Lake City, UT. Our rental home is nice. Very nice. The closeness to family is unreal & oh-so very much fun. But, you can see on Quinn's face-we were happy in Minnesota and I'm missing it tonight.
(sniffle, sniff)

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