Monday, July 7, 2008

A Family Photo!

A decent family picture! Not the best lighting or location, but hey! all the kids are looking at the camera.

Now you can see that we are thriving here in Minnesota. We've been here over a year and the children are growing, Mike is smiling and not dozing off in front of the camera (no overnight call this month!) and I'm dressed. No sign of my favorite pink pajamas anywhere. Life is good.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

An hour at the park

Twin Slides for Twins! Twin-happiness. Twin-giggles. Twin-Wheeeeeees!

Only one baby swing? Not a problem. Twins fit nicely. Until Max starts leaning his head back and bumping Mae. She screams and the ride is over.

Hey big brother!!

This is how Max learned how to walk, 2 months ago. Mae looks so pleased to be shuttled around! Now, if we could just get Max to sit down and ride, maybe Mae could get the hang of walking......