Thursday, March 10, 2011

Party On!

happy-birthday-balloons.jpg 51.4K

What a day! Quinn turned 6 yesterday.
He was such a funny, cute kid about his birthday. He sure had opinions this year. His requests were: spaghetti for dinner (I threw tacos out there, hoping he'd go for that because it's easier for me to make than b-sketti, but he firmly told me he liked b-sketti the best. We went to Noodles & Co.), a birthday cake (he's getting one on Saturday for his party, so I tried to get away with chocolate covered strawberries for his birthday treat but he wasn't havin' it), that everyone hide and surprise him when he gets home from school (he acted so surprised and thrilled when Mike and the twins popped out from behind the door and under the couch, it was hilarious), twinkies for his school treat, and a rousing round or two of Heads Up 7-Up before we went to bed. Oh, and lots of presents. Quinn told me and Mike several times before his b-day that we had better get him some presents. Because he couldn't see them wrapped sitting on the fireplace, the poor kid must have thought his parents weren't going to pull through in the gift department! We all had a great time celebrating Quinn. I feel blessed to be his Ma (that's what he's called me from the beginning, Ma or Mama, it's precious). Happy Birthday Big Guy!