Sunday, February 28, 2010

Baby, it's cold outside!

A couch made of ice! Ahhh, the joys of living in frosty Minnesota.
Check out the Mayo Clinic behind Max's frozen little bod. Impressive, eh?!

Kindof a sleepy picture of me, but check out the size of that rock!
And the clarity! Fantastic.

The sun was shining when we left the house,
so I only grabbed the thin, little gloves for the kids.
Come to find out, it was freezing in the shade!!
Mae was cold, but such a trouper.
Snow pants would have been a good idea...and I call myself a mother?!?!

This fashionista was outside a snazzy clothing store. Mike spotted her handbag and had me freeze for a pic. Squeal! How I love a good bag!

I leave you with a note I just wrote to Old Man Winter;

Dear Mr. Winter,
I have enjoyed your icicle fingers.
I have admired your blanket of white snow.
I've delighted in your frosty windows and your icy, smooth lakes.
I've seen the beauty in your bare-limbed trees.
But dear Mr. Winter, I've got Spring Fever!
I want to see plants bloom recklessly!
I want to feel warm sun and focus on a crocus!
Won't you please go away and take your freezing temps with you?

Monday, February 22, 2010

The Big 3-1!

Me & my birthday date.

My date took me dancing.
(check out the Dr. next to me. He's sportin' dance attire inspired by the rap group, Kris Kross. It was one funny night. :)

My date made me this gorgeous cake.

My date showered me with thoughtful gifts.

I have decided Saturday is a great day to have a birthday. My Dear One was home all day. He made me hot chocolate flavored with peppermint and topped with real whipped cream for breakfast. He created some delicious bow tie pasta for lunch (better than Noodles & Co.!). He took me to his work dinner party and wasn't embarrassed when I heard Backstreet Boys coming from the speakers and ran (mid-conversation w/ his colleagues) to the dance floor. Yes, Saturday was a great day.

Thursday, February 18, 2010


Look at these cuties!
I snapped this pic just moments ago as I was sitting down with the twins to read stories for quiet time. Even though they're not babies anymore, I still have fun dressing them in the same color when ever I can.
Matching blacks! :)

Max & Mae will be three next month. They are great little friends. Right now they're playing together in their bedroom while Quinn's at preschool and I'm working on the budget. Well, I will be working on the budget after I wrap up this post!

Max's hand was a bit shaky when he snapped this pic. Mae is holding her "Sweet D" (the words, Sweet Dreams are stitched onto the pink bunny's tummy). Lately she and "Sweet D" go everywhere together.

Mae's hand was steady and sure for this pic, perfectly capturing Max's mischevious smile.

A few mins have passed and Max & Mae are no longer quietly playing in the bedroom. They got into a tiff (something about Max covering Mae's head with a blanket over and over again) so they spent 5 mins apart, but now are back together, best buds again, playing in the front room.
Life with 2 two-year olds. It's wild and great!!!!!!

Monday, February 15, 2010

February Fun

Here he is, newly 31.
Happy Birthday, Mike my dear!!

A few days later.......
Here's a pic of our Valentine's Breakfast (I cheated and made it for dinner Saturday night....with 9am church, a Valentine's breakfast Sunday morning just wasn't going to happen!). It was a very sweet meal. Quinn was disappointed that the milk was made pink by food coloring, not Strawberry Quick. My Mom bought Strawberry Quick once for the kids and they still talk about it! Quinn also commented that my pancakes looked like Y's, not hearts.
Hey little man, I'm doin' my best! :)

Mike gave me a rose for Valentine's. A rich, smooth, perfect rose. I wish there had been a dozen, mmmmm!

Last weekend was a fun one! This weekend should be glorious as well; Mayo is sponsoring a family ice skating activity(I heart ice skating!) and Saturday is my 31st birthday. I'm dreaming of a new handbag, heavily frosted cake and plenty of well-wishing emails in my inbox.