Monday, September 13, 2010

The County Fair

I love a county fair.
The cotton candy, the carni-rides, the clean-as-a-whistle livestock, the mammoth size veggies , the kids' happy faces, seriously, what's not to love?!?!
Here are a few pics from the Cache County Fair, taken on August 14th.

Little Mae, pleased as punch, riding her horsey, Chubby.

The boys taking a turn on their horses, Nelson and Nels (the young cowboy who told me these horses names seemed to be making them up on the spot. "Ummm, Nelson and that's uh, Nels." My boys didn't seem to care.)

Rides! Quinn especially lives for the rides.

And here we are, exiting with our arms full of fair goodies (I almost took home a 6 month old pot-bellied pig too, but last minute decided that our landlords might not appreciate a hog sleeping in the kitchen. He was cute!)
Time well spent. :)

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