Friday, June 13, 2008


A visit from Mom, Dad and Ty!! What fun!!

This is how Ty spent most of his vacation (when he wasn't playing with my kids or scrubbing my kitchen floor, really!)
After living in Rochester for 1 year, I finally decided it was time for some privacy (not like anyone was peeping in, but who really knows??!). Mom shopped with me and dad hung the rod and curtains. My parents are so great to help me achieve those things around the house that I really want, but don't seem to make time to do. I love my new curtains and my amazing, smooth-slidin' rod! Thank you Mom and Dad!!!!
We did the SPAM museum in Austin, MN while my fam was here. Such a well spent afternoon.
SPAM trivia!! I was Dad's cheerleader while Quinn rooted for Ty. You can't see Mom on the far left . She was in the lead when we decided it was time to hit the gift shop before it closed.
Ever wondered what a Hormel employee looks like? Max models. He's as tasty as the SPAM he cans!

SPAM makes the world go 'round!

We got a snapshot with "Spammy", SPAM's mascot. Yummy!
If you have a sense of humor, if you like learning about history :), if you need a fun place to wander/run around for a few hours I highly recommend the SPAM museum. We dined at a local restaurant one block away from the museum that night and it was SPAM all around! SPAM-O-RAMA! We had it all, from deep fried SPAM sticks, to SPAMburgers and SPAM & eggs. Crazy tasty!
Mike and I have enjoyed SPAM quesadillas for lunch the past two Sundays. Just to give you a taste of what awaits you at the SPAM museum, here's a little excerpt from the back of Quinn's SPAM bank talking about the SPAM quesadilla recipe:
"Do not be fooled by the simplicity of this recipe. Yes, it is easy to make, but the flavor is complicated and exotic. Like something that fills your sense and pulls at your heartstrings and then flies away, wanting to be chased. And you will chase it, oh yes, you will."
Ha! It was a magical afternoon.

I had to put in a recent picture of the twins!! They are 14.5 months. Max has been walking since he was 13 months, and Mae thinks crawling is still the way to go. I love 1 year olds.