Friday, June 19, 2009

The park

We have a park. A favorite park. It's a favorite due to how close it is to our house. Most days, it's too much for the kids to resist. "When are we going to play at the park?" Quinn will ask. "Pork?" Max will wonder. We managed to catch some of the joy of the park in video.

Friday, June 12, 2009

struggling w/ photos......

About to post something amazing and interesting about our lives....but can't make the pictures I want work. Boo hoo.
SoooooOOooooo, something nice in my life right now, the weather. It's currently overcast and 68 degrees. Ahhh. My brother called from Texas yesterday to let me know that the heat index was 106 degrees and he's melting. Sizzle, sizzle. Minnesota is an OK place to be in the summer time. The weather is always something you can talk about when there's nothing to talk about. :)
Stay tuned...more soon!