Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Must post something, ANYTHING! Just post!

Here we are on Mother's Day, May 10th.

I had a fabulous Mother's Day. Seriously, it was better than my birthday. A big shout out to my great hubby Mike! You are the best!
(I got a new digital camera--wa-hoo! These first pics are taken with Lumix while the others are my old Fuji)

These next two pictures are of Quinn and Max, snoozin' the big one a few Tuesdays ago. It was 9:15am and they weren't stirring. I laughed and snapped a photo.
I felt like I was living with teenagers!


And finally, the awesome Burley Train.

Mike found a used Burley Tag-A-Long and life on the bike trail is tons more fun! We weren't sure how all three kids would do behind Mike's bike (FYI, I do own an old school Schwinn bike and I'm not afraid to take off on it-even though the last time I rode it was for soccer practice at Lundstrom park-but when Mike takes all three, it's a nice break away from the kids for me and fun for Mike to cruise on the bike path and end up at some distant park to play for a while. OK, I just needed to explain to the world why I'm not saddled up and feeling the wind on my face too. Everyone is happy with this arrangement! :)

There! I've updated the blog! Who cares if dinner gets on the table or if the van gets filled with gas? Today is already a success.