Monday, November 15, 2010

Temple Grounds

Look at this place. It's glorious.
I took these pictures on a magnificent fall day in early November.

I wanted my kids to walk around the temple while the fountain was still going, the flowers still blooming and the leaves still on the trees.

Mae has been wanting to go to the temple for several weeks now. She's very interested every time I leave the house to attend a temple session. She always begs to come along, last time tears were involved.

She wanted to wear her white church dress to walk along the temple grounds. I was touched at how sweet and excited she was about the temple. It warmed my heart.

I really enjoyed this afternoon and I think my kids did too. I feel immensely blessed to live close (less-than-15 mins-away-close) to a temple. There is so much beauty and peace at this Holy House.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Texas Trip!

Mike & I flew to TX in October so he could take his pediatric board exams in Houston. We decided to make a trip out of it. A most excellent decision, if I do say so myself.

C & Hil picked us up from the airport and our adventure began (you must check Hil's blog to see more fun TX photos. Click C & Hil on my blog list).
Here we are, taking in the beautiful foliage and enjoying a warm Texas evening, walking around The Alamo.

Sweet, sweet bar-b-q. We savored many good meals while visiting C & Hil. The food in Texas is so different and oh-so delicious!

C gave us a tour of Texas State University where he's getting his PhD. Here I am, shaking Lyndon B. Johnson's hand. President Johnson went to school at Texas State and so does C!

In Austin, we had amazing tacos and hot-chocolate shakes at Torchy's Tacos and Holy Cacao food trucks. That was some good eatin'.

Mike & I rented this Smart Car to take us from C & Hil's home to San Antonio. We were doubtful that both of us and our luggage could squeeze into such a car, but we fit. It was the perfect rental car, one you would never buy, but would love to try out for a few hours.

We stayed one night with our dear friends, Anna & Dell, before flying out of San Antonio. What a treat to see them and their sweet children, Henry & Lizzy.

While Mike & I were away, this picture was emailed to us. The words of the email went, "Sorry to report this, but the last time I saw Mae she was with these two strange little men." I dare say the children had as much fun with family here in UT as we did in TX! :)

Thanks to C & Hil for showing us your awesome world. Thanks to my parents, Mike's parents and Jess & Dave for caring for our young 'uns. It was a trip to remember, for all of us.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Happy Halloween!

A piece of pepperoni pizza--

Two cute bugs--

Connie's awesome jellyfish--

Captain Jack, getting ready for a night out--

The cousins and the kids enjoying their spoils--

Carving our pumpkins a few days before Halloween--

One of Mike's first-rate photos--

Another fun Halloween! Boo!