Monday, November 30, 2009

Giving Thanks

Here's our Thanksgiving gang this year.
What a nice day. I loved our company, Jean & Bryce, dear friends in our ward, and Ryan & Lindsay, dear friends from our med school days in Milwaukee, and a blessing! they matched at Mayo along with us 2 1/2 years ago. Between the three families, we had 7 cute kids running around and both Jean and Lindsay are pregnant with baby boys. I thought about stuffing a pillow under my shirt just to fit in :). I did get to feel Lindsay's baby kick a couple of times, that was precious for me. There's something so special about carrying life. The day of Thanksgiving, I made sure all the toys in the basement had new batteries, the toy tent was up and ready for "campers", the marble maze was within a child's reach and all the cars were set up on the toy mountain ready for play. The kids took the bait. They played for hours and the lucky parents got to sit and relax, chatting and catching up on all on our busy lives. Please pardon the wacky look on my face in this pic, everyone else looks great, so I had to post it!

Here are my fall "acorns". I took a donut hole, put chocolate frosting on the top 1/3rd, rolled it in toffee chips and stuck a pretzel in for the stem. They turned out pretty cute (I could only find assorted donut holes, you're not supposed to have powdery white acorns!) and were quite a yummy little treat too.

Quinn, donning his Turkey headband. Quinn's preschool at the YMCA has been great. He loves going and I love all the cute things he comes home with (this darling headband for instance).

I really enjoy a small group of loved ones when feasting at Thanksgiving. Everyone brings a few of their favorite dishes and desserts, and because the numbers are few we all know who brought what so we can shower them with compliments and beg for recipes. With just 6 adults, we were all involved in the same conversations; we all got to hear about Ryan's recent trip to the Dominican Republic (beautiful beaches and crazy van rides with 15 people aboard, stuffed into a van the size of our Odyssey!) , Bryce's thoughts on personal hygiene (I didn't shower today, Bryce :), what is on Mike's Christmas wish list (Mike went to the computer and pulled up his dream couch shaped like a boulder, $$$$$$, hey Thanksgiving friends, I'm going to need your donations to make that wish come true!!!), and how I am a softie and buy everything that any door-to-door man, woman or child is selling if they have a great pitch!

My prayers were were rather lengthy on Thanksgiving because I have been given much. I hope you too had a wonderful Thanksgiving day.
Now, bring on the snow, the holiday lights and the goodies! Christmas is on its way!!!!
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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Fall Photo Shoot

Mike got some great pics during an
'after-church-before-you-change-out-of-your-Sunday-clothes' moment

These three little people are my work. I find myself working constantly! It's a good thing I enjoy my job.

This little guy has so many goofy/crazy/cool expressions. I could have posted at least 5 more funny, but cute! pics of him

What delightful small children. As I'm typing, I'm reflecting. Lately I've noticed that my feelings have changed towards my kids. It's been gradual.....I don't exactly know when I stopped feeling mechanical, frustrated and tired and instead, started feeling warm, happy and proud. I'm noticing that the three people who are in my care have beautiful little souls. I'm starting to see them as real people. People I can interact with. People I can laugh with and tell jokes too, and they get me! We share every moment of every day and it's better than "work". It's rich and fun and rewarding. It's cute and hilarious and loving. It's....what I hoped it would be.
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