Saturday, October 9, 2010

An Outing

We had a family pass to the Utah Museum of Natural History (thanks Liz!), so yesterday we took advantage of a free afternoon and headed up to the University of Utah's campus.

A giant magnetic wall puzzle was our first stop.

Mae and I loved all the glittery gems and stones. The nuggets of gold and beautiful opals were our favorites.

The dino skeletons were a big hit. Behind Quinn and Mae, a mighty allosaurus is sinking his teeth into his prey.

I saw this cool wall background at the museum and had to try for a family photo. Not the best, but I'm glad I tried!

Unfortunately, I didn't get a good picture of the kids favorite spot, an exhibit called Bugs Alive!. Insects were climbing, crawling, burrowing and swimming. Cockroaches, tarantulas, black widows, velvet ants, we saw them all.

Well, the kids are asking for lunch, I better call it quits. Good stuff is happening in Sandy, UT. :)