Thursday, October 18, 2007

Max and Mae
6 months

I was surfin' through some friends blogs and realized that I need to update mine more! But I don't have a ton of new pictures, so I found this cute one of the twins I took a few days ago and -voila- I've created a new post! (I don't know why everything is underlined right now......or why the text is blue...I'm just goin' with it until Mike gets home, then he can fix everything. He reigns in the chaos and restores the peace when he steps through the door. Bless you, Mike.)
I've got (Ha! The computer is playing tricks on me) all three kids asleep and managed to do nearly nothing during this precious free time. I hear Max rolling around, but not calling me, Quinn's bedroom door is still closed tight, must open that soon so he's not traumatized when he wakes and can't get out of his bedroom, and Mini-Mae is still soundly sleeping. She sleeps a lot....during the day, that is! I'll have to post some pictures of Quinn, so it doesn't look like the twins are taking over.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Can't remember when we last had...

BABYSITTERS!!!I work with some of the best people. Last night, three of my fellow residents came over and tended Quinn, Max and Mae while Molly and I went on a date. When was the last time we had 3 hours to ourselves?

We went to Avocados, a new restaurant in town, and enjoyed smoked duckling nachos and "chef's madness"- an appetizer mix of the 'chef's culinary genius'. The madness included mussels and scallops, which Molly did not appreciate, and crab cakes, which were much more welcome. After reading A Series of Unfortunate Events, I think I enjoyed the Ceviche a little more than I would have otherwise. Our conversation revolved around things other than diapers and feeding schedules. When we got home, we found everyone happily watching Winnie the Pooh.
Thanks, Autumn, Andrea & Katie!!

Monday, October 8, 2007

Kids, Kids, Kids!

Molly writes:
I'm so pumped that I figured out the baby ticker thing! Now I can remember how old my kids are! Ha! I am NOT what you'd call computer-savvy, so I am feeling very smug at the moment...
Oh! One of my 6 months, 1 week & 3 day old twins are fussing. I'm off to comfort and soothe.

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Sunday, October 7, 2007

Classic Fall

On the spur of the moment, Mom and Dad decided to drive cross-country and drove up in their Prius on Friday afternoon. It has been great to have them the last fews and Mom sure seems relieved to be out of range of her pear tree. Dad's impressed with the look of the house (since he was last here when we moved and left us in a house full of boxes) but not too surprised to find a few piles of unpacked belongings still lingering in the basement.

Saturday was an unusually warm day (almost 90 degress) for October. We went out to Apple Ridge Orchard near Mazeppa and enjoyed the sun walking around the orchard sampling apples, picking out pumpkins and going for rides on the hay wagon. Quinn was in heaven with an apple in his hand the whole day. He was the official decision maker in the corn maze
"Les go this way"

"Les go tha way"The "I just escaped the corn maze" dance

And, if you managed to read through the whole blog, you deserve something to bring a smile to your face.