Sunday, September 28, 2008

Return to the blog

After a long time away, I think that I should contribute something to the blog and finally feel like I have a minute to dot it. I've been working for a month in Pediatric Gastroenterology. Most of my days were spent giving advice on constipation and stomach pain but I also saw some diseases that I wouldn't see anywhere else. I'm switching over to the emergency department and looking forward to a change of pace. I have some suturing practice to do before the first shift in a few days. Here are a few pictures of Quinn and I camping out with some friends in the ward a few weeks ago.
The park was in the middle of a beautiful green (and wet) forest.

The clouds were thick as we got there and there were a few deer in the field behind Quinn (they were camera-shy).
Part of the park was a zoo with native Minnesotan animals. The river otters were the most entertaining and the most interested in us. They swam back and forth in their tank and down the waterfall to a pool with rocks and logs. I'd have to say the bobcat was interested but mostly in Quinn. It would hide behind the rocks in its enclosure and then run and pounce onto the fence before running back to prepare for another attack. And, if anyone out there is really curious about nature, we have a good story about porcupines.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

A very few pictures

Max and Mae, after church last Sunday (Sept 14, 2008). These are the cute clothes they wore at Ty and Connie's wedding on August 1st. I love dressing the kids up. Thanks again, Aunt Connie!!!

Quinn is not getting up at 3am anymore! He can earn a candy bar for the rest of his days if he'll stay in his bed!!

I'm trying to choose more photos to include in this post, but Quinn won't allow it. Something about me promising to fill water balloons with him while Max & Mae sleep and I'm working on the computer instead??!! NO! So, to the kitchen faucet we go. If you ever wondered why I don't post more day life will be slower and then I'll have nothing to post about!

Monday, September 1, 2008

Sand. Water. Sun.

One of Mike's co-workers invited a bunch of friends to her parent's home in The Cities this past Saturday. They live on a beautiful little lake with a great beach house. We played all afternoon. Ahhhh, what a day.

Mae, soakin' up some sun.

Sand! Max was the most adventurous of the three and would wade out until his swimsuit got wet.

This is what I look like on a beach. Fully dressed. I feel so like a "Mom" in this picture! I knew I wouldn't be going on the sailboat or swimming out to the floating tramp because of the twins, so why get in a swimsuit and feel insecure all day?? Sad, but true. I'll have to work on becoming more daring.

Daddy took each of our kids out into the water.......none of them loved it. Mae was keeping it together, only whimpering. Quinn was full-on tears. The Q did make it to the floating tramp and bounced a few times with Daddy. He got more and more courageous as the afternoon went on.

Christina's Dad had a sailboat that Mike took out a few times. As soon as he saw the sailboat, his eyes lit up.

When I cheered for Quinn after he and Daddy went out on the sailboat he said, "I just cried. I just cried on the sailboat." Don't they look like they're heading out on a great adventure?? It was a beautiful day.

We stopped for a "window-shopping-only" trip at IKEA on our way back to Rochester that evening. We had worked on the budget just a few days before, so we could only look, no touching. That was OK. There's plenty to see at IKEA!
Quinn and Mike at the end of one great Saturday. I love this picture. Father and Son.