Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Remembering December

December started out with crazy winds. Here, my neighbors 3 large pine trees went down in the early morning December 1st. They were without power for 3 days. :-( We spent one day near our gas fireplace and headed into SLC for Noodles & Company that evening, but we had power by the next day.

Mike & I have fun getting creative with this Christmas tree every year (well this is our second year, last year we filled it with green wrapped boxes, this year ribbons). We put an artificial tree for the kids to decorate downstairs so all were happy, adults and children.

Temple Square on the Monday before Christmas. Cold, busy and beautiful.
We met our friends from Minnesota there, Ben, Nina and kiddos. It was great to see them!!

The kids were about to tear open their new pjs from Gran & Pa on Christmas Eve at Jess & Dave's in this photo.

Christmas morning! Stuffed reindeer!!

A very cool stress ball.

Another joyous event in December, the birth of Baby Grey, Dec 12th. My sister, Laura and Martin welcomed little Grey into the world in North Carolina. I have pics on my phone but not on the computer. Just imagine a darling, perfect little baby and that's Grey.

Mike and I hit up our first real cooking class at Gygi's. Chinese Cuisine. My confidence soared after I made Cashew Chicken that turned out great!

A month full of get-togethers. Not so full of snow. But full of Christmas cheer just the same. The end.

(For those who care to listen to me ramble even more about December......
A few more highlights:
Christmas piano recitals in American Fork, a ward Christmas party and family Christmas parties, a great time in Cache Valley with Mike's family for the New Year, my first time in the Conference Center for the MoTab Christmas concert, gingerbread cookies with Auntie Connie, a yummy neighborhood cookie exchange, celebrating Jess's Dec 23rd bday, a visit with my Grams in Price, a new haircut, chatting with C & Hil in Texas-their baby is due this week! wishing Ty a happy bday on Dec 31st)

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Hilary said...

How we missed seeing all your cute faces at Christmas!

Mrs. Mumble said...

Let me just say that I have been absent from the blogging world for a while...only you could bring me back. ;) Love ya so much and hope all is well!

Alan and Brittney said...

so glad to see some pictures of the kiddos and you!!! I remember when the twins were walking in to the nursery... many how time flies!!!