Wednesday, March 28, 2012


Max and Mae had a birthday today!
We went to Treehouse Museum in Ogden. What a fun place!

Noodles & Co. was requested for a spaghetti dinner.
Rose cupcakes for Mae.

Green Alien Cupcakes for Max.
We enjoyed partying with family members and being together. Grrrreat day!
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p.s. The Mighty Quinn had a birthday on March 9th. I need to document the fun that was had that day. And that weekend. He is a happy 7 year old now. Looks the same as when he was 6, just imagine the same guy with even more energy. :-)


Hilary said...

Wish we could have been there for all the fun birthday festivities over the past few weeks! Love you guys!

Kirsten said...

Happy Birthday Mae & Max! We are excited that you are a BIG 5 years old. So fun.

Liss said...

LOVE the cupcakes. Glad you enjoyed the Treehouse. Amazing place, wish it were closer!
They have free days in the summer for a lot of Ogden stuff, including the Treehouse. I'll try to remember to get that info to you when I find out :)

Melissa said...

Happy Birthday ! To such cute kids